WE BELIEVE AND TEACH that work is a divine institution implemented by God in the Garden of Eden.

Genesis 2:15


WE BELIEVE AND TEACH that all Christians should work hard on their jobs, not as unto men, but  unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Collosians 3:23-24


WE BELIEVE AND TEACH that everone who works hard should receive a decent wage and agencies should not oppress or take advantage of poor and needy workers. 

Deuteronomy 24:14


WE BELIEVE AND TEACH that everyone should work diligently no matter where they work or the type of work they do.

Ecclesiastes 9:9-10   


WE BELIEVE AND TEACH that an abled-body person that refuses to work, should not eat. 

II Thesallonians 3:10-12


WE BELIEVE AND TEACH that a person that works hard will not go hungry. 

Proverbs 12:11

WE BELIEVE AND TEACH that lazy people who refuse to work will live in poverty. 

Proverbs 24:30-34


Why the Pastor and Wife Can Help

Get Started Finding Your Next Job

  • Each holds a Master Degree in Business and Administration with a Concentration in Human Resource Management


  • Over 50 Years Combined of Work experience outside of Church Ministry

  • Numerous Awards and Citations

  • Currently Employed in Demanding Careers

TGW  Employment Empowerment  


"Catch the Overflow!"

You don't have to struggle to find work.

Services Offered to TGW Members

  • Free Job Tips


  • Free Resume Assistance

  • Free Mock Interviews

  • Free Reference Letters

       (For those demonstrating character)

Numerous past and current TGW members are working in great jobs and have received promotions as a result of Employment Empowerment  at Temple of Greater Works. 

              To God be all the Glory!

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"Catch theOverflow"

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